Mayo Macs

Technical Services

Through expert technical advice, we enable producers to fast forward to optimum productivity whilst ensuring the highest quality by doing things right.

Technical Team

Establishing Sustainable Production

A dedicated team of agricultural advisors aid both established and new macadamia growers across South Africa to produce macadamias in an environmentally sustainable manner. 

Please see below for more information about the services offered.


Technical Services Offered

Climate & Land Suitability Assessments

  • Climate data from various weather station networks and Cedara’s BRU program, local knowledge from growers.


  • Land/soil surveys- initial prelim by Tech services. In-depth surveys by commercial companies. Use data to determine most suitable sites, cultivar selections, ridging options.

Orchard Establishment & Layout

  • Choice of cultivars
  • Row orientation
  • windbreak options & placement
  • Pre-plant lime/gypsum, P & K recommendations

Irrigation, Fertilization & pesticide progRams

  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Work with soil moisture probe companies, have access to data via App or Web. Help schedule irrigation
  • 65% of our orchards are irrigated
  • Do fertilizer/fertigation programs for growers
  • identify nutrient deficiencies/toxicities
  • Scouting and Pest identification – compile spray guidelines

Pruning & orchard Management

  • On-farm pruning consults
  • Pruning a vital aspect of Pest & Disease management
  • Advice on windbreaks, mulching, cover crops



  • On-farm trials (irrigation, fertilization, pest control, nut set)
  • Study groups (small study group areas, benchmark nut quality data, compare production practices, new ideas, costings for pruning, spraying etc)
  • On-farm training of staff (pruning, P&D scouting & ID)


"An honor and privilege to be a shareholder of this awesome entity!"

Nick Lincoln, Macadamia Grower.